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Why hire a pet sitter?

Your pet will be happier remaining in his/her safe and familiar environment
receiving personalized care, following their customary diet, exercise routine
and medical treatments. Your pet will not be exposed to illness from other
animals, nor be traumatized by traveling to an unfamiliar environment.

"I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of our furry babies.  It gives us such peace of mind to know that they are being taken care of by someone as loving and as reliable as you! Thanks again".  M.B. & M., Chagrin Falls

How do I benefit from hiring a pet sitter?

Happier friends, relatives and neighbors who wonít feel they have been imposed
upon; your peace of mind knowing that a professional will be caring for your pet;
you wonít have to drive your pet to and from the boarding kennel; a pet sitter
going and coming from your home is a good crime deterrent; plus other services
such as bringing in the newspapers and mail, alternating lights and drapes, and
watering your plants.

"As always, thank you for the awesome job!" K. R., Chagrin Falls

Why shouldnít I ask a relative or a friend? Why not get the kid next door?

It is great to have a friend, neighbor, or family member willing to help you while
you are away. But we are the professionals and this is our vocation. We are
bonded, insured, trained in pet first aid and emergencies, have references,
and our love for animals makes the difference.

Besides, pet sitters hear more horror stories related to kids, and yes, even
family members, who had agreed to take care of someone's pets. Then due
to their lack of concern, or lack of responsibility, the petís welfare suffered.

"I appreciate your flexibility with my every-changing, minute-to-minute schedule.  It's a great relief to know Cookie is in good hands".  L. J., Auburn

Are we licensed?

"This has become a pet peeve of mine", Patti J. Moran, president and founder
of Pet Sitters International, writes in her book, Pet Sitting for Profit. The pet
sitting industry is self-regulated, so a "pet sitter's license" doesnít exist as does
a contractor's license, restaurant's license, etc.  However, many cities require a
license to do business within their borders. She further states that it is misleading
to the public to list this business license as a credential. This is based on the fact
that there isnít a state exam or course of study required prior to obtaining a business license.

"My dogs were happy and I had peace of mind".  A. P., Bainbridge







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