Price Changes
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Effective January 2016


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walk now."
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Dog Walker

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Meet the Pawsome Team ... 
The Pawsome Team is made up of professional pet care specialists who love animals. We are animal shelter volunteers, dog trainers, teachers, child care providers, and escapees from the corporate world and other professions. Some of us foster pets, or do wildlife rehabilitation. We all have had pets for most of our lives, abide by the code of ethics as set forth by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and Pet Sitters International. We are dedicated to giving quality care to your pets while continuing to upgrade our pet care skills by taking home study courses, attending professional conferences, workshops, seminars and continuing education courses. These include emergency pet first aid, cpr, canine diseases, fundamentals of pet sitting, dog training, behavior problems.


TRAVEL / VACATION PET CARE VISITS, begin at $20 per visit. (up to half an hour depending on the combination of pets). Perfect for when you are on vacation or on a business trip. Additional charges for over 30 minutes are calculated in 15-minute increments. A higher rtate may be applied for large multi-pet households.

CATS TOO!  Daily visits begin at $20 per visit. Every other day visits begin at $25 each.

DOG WALKS, LET-OUTS, MIDDAY, one dog $17 (20 min/visit) Must be participating on an ongoing basis to receive this rate. Dogs must be leash-trained if over six months old.  Walking hours are from 10:00am-3pm, Monday through Friday.  Older dogs and dogs with special needs are let out for their potty break, or taken for a gentle walk.  Pawsome has been recognized as the Best Dog Walking Service on the Fox 8 HOT LIST for several years.

FITNESS FOR FIDO©, one dog, exercise program customized for your dog. Call office for rates.  Limited timeslots.

PUPPY PATROL, $17 each visit when there are two 20 min/visits per day -- $17 for one visit/day. Assistance with your new puppy while you are at work or school. Includes let-outs, food and water, cleaning up accidents, assistance with housebreaking, reinforce early basic obedience.  Must be participating on an ongoing basis to receive this rate. For puppies under 5 months old.

ELDER DOG CARE ... and special needs pets, begins at $20 per pet sit visit. We are able to help with most pets with special needs including giving medications, administer fluids and insulin injections.  An additional rate will apply if the visit requires more time.

OTHER CRITTERS, call us for details

JUST SAY NO ... to extra charges.  We don't charge extra for bringing your mail, packages and newspapers, or for turning on lights, watering indoor plants, and outside plants (within reason).

HAVE A PAWSOME TRAINED DOG ... private dog training, puppy socialization and behavior management, call office for rates. A Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) will come to your house to work with you and your dog.

PET CHAUFFEUR, $20 (30 min. or less),  longer trips will be priced accordingly.   We will take your pet to and from appointments. Must be within our service area. Reservations must be made in advance.

PET CONCIERGE, prices are the same as Pet Chauffeurs. Pick up pet's food, medication, kitty litter, etc. Please make reservations in advance.

OVERNIGHTERS, ($65 per night) Includes dinner visit, the sleepover, morning visits. This service is available on a limited basis only. It is for the pet that cannot be left alone at night, must be booked in advance, and only if there is a staff member available.

ORIENTATION, no charge (30 mins.) This gives us a chance to meet with you and your pets, obtain  keys, and discuss details of the upcoming service. Additional consults may be subject to a charge.

KEY CLUB, keep your keys in our security-coded file and avoid fees for key pick-up and return. You will save $10 fee for each key pick-up or return.

ANYTHING ELSE? Ö Letís talk about your petís customized care.  Carole Nazar and the team at Pawsome will be pleased to work with you.

1) Payment is due at time of service.
2) Price quotations will be finalized at the consultation.
3) Late payment charges may apply.
4) All major holidays are $5.00 more per visit.
5) NSF checks are subject to a $30.00 bank fee.
6) All prices subject to change.

Pricing updates are also published in our newsletter, © 2004-2013 Paws for News

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